Leduc Engineering has a very strong background in power systems design, long and solid experience since we started our first power systems engineering projects and and electrical systems inspections more than 25 years a go. Definitively one of our core competencies is the electrical power systems design, substations, electrical discharge protection design, high /low voltage transmissions systems design, electrical studies, surcharge and short circuit analysis.

Backup Generators and UPS

Sport Field Lighting

Power Distribution

Flash Hazard Analysis

System Stability

Short Circuit Analysis

Protective Device Coordination

Load Flow

Motor Starting

Harmonic Studies

Reliability Analysis

Grounding Design

Power Studies

Leduc engineering offers the following electrical testing services, our team is highly experienced in several  applications through many years of servicing different industries.

  • Basic and Complex Inspections and Surveys
  • Service – visual
  • Testing in accordance with NETA Maintenance Testing Standards, NFPA 70B
  • Protective Device Coordination
  • Arc Flash Study – AC  /  Arc Flash Study – DC
  • Duct Bank Ampacity
  • Generator Sizing and Motor Starting
  • Ground Grid / Mat Study
  • Harmonic / IEEE-519 Evaluation
  • Load Flow / Power Factor Correction
  • Short Circuit
  • Transient Motor Starting
  • Transient Switching (Snubber) and Stability
  • Power Metering, Metering, sub-metering, meter reading & billing
  • Load recordings
  • Power Quality recordings